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40 exhibitions in 40 days by Ađalheiđur S. Eysteinsdóttir,

23. of june to the 1. of august 2003.

About the project 40 exhibitions in 40 days.
On june 23rd, 2003 I will turn forty. Possibly I´ll bathe naked in the morning dew to ensure good health in the coming year, for it is midsummernight. I like celibrating my birthday in some way. The last four years I have painted birthdayseries on newspapersheets, including as many pictures as the years count. Last year I got my children to work with me, this year I´ll expand the concept and have forty exhibitions on my own work, instead of forty pieces, as widely spread around the world as possible. The participation of others is a key-element in the works, exhibitions and gathering of information. The process is really a chain-reacting thing: I contact my friends and family, they contact their friends and family, and many people end up contacting me with offers to help. The exhibitions are of all shapes and sizes, some in private homes, outside, in galleries and museums. One exhibition will open every day from the 23rd of june to the 1st of august, some exhibitions lasting longer than that. A birthdayparty will be held in every place and the locals will enjoy my works instead of me. In my mind I travel to distant places and get to know all the lovely people that has made me welcome. Some will let me return the favour by having an exhibition in Kompan, a gallery I run here in Akureyri, and so become real. Others will remain a wishful thought for now. I owe them all my gratitude.

For a few years,  I have done series of works related to my birthday, each year finishing the same number of works as my birthday stands for. For example, last year I did thirty nine pieces and thirty eight the year before.
This year I have decided to put up forty exhibitions around the world with as many people participating as possible. The first opening will be on my birthday and the last therefore on the 1st of August 2003. The exhibitions will be of all shapes and sizes, in galleries or peoples homes, and stands for as long as the exhibitions host sees fit. The host would have to make all local arrangements him- or herself and I would ask him or her to take pictures at the opening and send to me.
When the project is over it will be put in print and all its information made accessible in a book.

These are the dates that have already been listed and I would ask you to choose any of the ones who are left to host my show.

23.june. “Midsummernight” sculptureexhibition, Kjarnaskógi, Akureyri, Iceland.
24. june. Sophie Roube, Yaurines, France.
25.june. Gránuhúsiđ. Safnarahús Siglufirđi, Iceland.
26. june Kunsthallen I Wenesborg, Sweden.
27.june. Safnasafn (folkartmuseum) Svalbarđsströnd, Iceland.
28. june. Boekie Woekie Bernenstraat 16. Amsterdam, Holland.
29.june. Gallery xie xie, Xiamen, China.
30. june. 5117 Rose Avenue N.E. Bainbridge Is. W.A. 98110.
1.july. Sculpturesquare, Singapor
2.july. Autogallery Maastricht, Holland.
3.july. Hornbjarg lighthouse, Iceland.
4. july. Videoart, Akureyri, Iceland.
5.july. Slunkaríki, Ísafjörđur, Iceland
6.july. Happening in the center of R.V.K. Iceland.
7. july. Sculptureexhibition Akureyri, Iceland.
8. july. Walvesbay, Namebia, Africa.
9 july. Postoffice, Eiđi, The Faeroerne Islands.
10. july.Internet exhibition.
11.july. Kristján Steingrímur Jónsson, Seltjarnarnes, Iceland.
12.july. Gallerý Sćvars Karls, R.V.K. Iceland.
13.july. Nordic heritage museum in Seattle, USA.
14. july. Hrísey, Iceland
15.july. Johann Nowak, Berlin, Germany
16. july. Libarery,Herning, Denmark
17. july. A Gallery exhibition, Köpingebro, Sweden.
18. july. ash gallerí, Varmahlíđ,Iceland.
19.july. Skaftfell menningarmiđstöđ, Seyđisfirđi, Iceland.
20.july. Message in a bottle, open sea.
21. july Salon Reykjavík, Árhus.
22. july. Café,Tromsö, Norwey.
23.july. Laufey Vilhjálmsdóttir, New Jersey, U.s.a.
24.july. Café Impremerie, Basel, Sviss.
25. july. Gallerie de Aanschouw, Rotterdam, Netherland.
26. july. Hotelli URKU,Kankasala, Finland.
27.july. Catrin Howell, Carms, SA445JF, Wails, U.K.
28.july. Gallerí Sól, Grímsey.
29. july. Pakkhús, Ólafsvík Iceland.
30.july. Mokkakaffi, Reykjarvík, Iceland.
31.july. Holmestrand, Norway
1. august. Final exhibition in Ađalheiđur´s studio, Kaupvangsstrćti 23. Akureyri, Iceland.